Dark Bandit Sun

Kyle Kane loved his job in security.

He had a good girl and regularity.

But then one day he was laid off and it all began to unravel.

His relationships frayed, his health deteriorated--and he began to sink into a desperate depression.

So he determined to put an end to everything, by killing himself with the very gun he had used to protect people for twelve years.

But what he did not expect, was for Fate to intervene--under the attentive care of an old Grey wizard named Om, who had for centuries practiced in giving suicides second chances.

Om granted him a three day stay between worlds--leaving him with one foot in Hell--and one still here on Earth.

He allowed him Three Keyes--three clues to redemption--in how to win his Karma back and learn the lesson in his failure to find hope--to cling to mortality just a while longer and reclaim his life.

So Kyle was sent on a breakneck speed Spiritual Quest to wrest his life back, save his girl--and help unite the Squatch and Human races to fend off a double assault of subterranean and alien invasions, as the Tenth Dark Sun Planet Nibiru made it's final approach, rocking the electro-magnetosphere of Earth, pushing the poles ever closer to a new shift, tearing down the veils between worlds, collapsing all dimensions, sending up tsunamis, erupting ancient volcanoes--striking quakes over continents--throwing down molten fire rain--and causing climactic chaos across the far shores of the planet.

The new Human-Squatch alliance would be tried in every way, tested to their ultimate strengths, in order to repel and eradicate the Annunaki Snakes, Evil Elder Greys--and traitorous Men in Black.

But along the way Kyle learned his true enemy was Om, the Mastermind behind his twisted Fate--and the one man who could take the Soulfyr back--the power that now allowed him to stay alive for Heather.

So as the Great Lizard War ensued, Kyle and a band of unsung heroes sought to end the reign of Om over his split-soul Wynderelves--and so return to those tortured spirits the one thing they were missing: control over their own Fates--and whether they chose to live or die.

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