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In French's Forest Review

Monday, July 25, 2011

Review In French's Forest by Rian Torr
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance
Format: eBook, 200 pgs
Release Date: May 29, 2011

[One good howl.  Sexual / Flirty]

Torr does a good job of bringing life to The Legend of the Silverskin: Lost History of French's Forest by Dylan Raine published in 1777. Written much like a fairy tale, a dark one, Torr tells the story of how Eva and Seven not only almost lose their love but their lives to the jealously of Faye, the Silverskin or Silver Elf, when Seven takes Eva to meet his family and attempt to convince Faye to let him go.

Is this a dark fairy tale with a couple in love, a dark paranormal fantasy love story or a horror romance? I'm not sure where it should be classified so I'll settle for paranormal fantasy romance. It has all the elements for one: vampires, changelings, a halfling, a demented silver elf, an anaconda, a werejaguar, a scary somewhat magical forest and a love that is tested several times.

I'm still a little confused about some aspects of the story but that is the way with fairy tales sometimes. There is romance in the love between Seven and Eva, even when they both are keeping secrets from each other. There is also a lot of violent action in this story.

While it is written in a style I'm not fond of, I did enjoy the story itself, even when it seemed to meander away from itself occasionally. It reminds me a little of Clive Barker's fantasy horror stories.

There is an excerpt of the original legend at the end of the story.

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